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SLO LP County Central Committee's Public Access TV Program!
(Cable cast on Charter Communications, Channel 2-San Luis Obispo)
Show Times: 11:30 PM Wednesdays, 8:30 AM Fridays and 12:30 PM Mondays

Anything and everything from soup to nuts from a Libertarian perspective.

We have a "Right" to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

A "Right" is something you have requiring no action by anyone else.

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" is a quote from the American Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson

Our government was formed to protect those rights and the protection of property acquired through labor or exchange of other property.

Once Life exists Liberty becomes essential to preserving Life.

Liberty is essential to our forward advancement.

Therefore, every action and reaction must be judged in the context of Liberty.

Public Access TV:

The federal government requires all cable companies provide public access.

This allows you or me to create and broadcast on the cable company channels.

Why Liberty Matters appears via our local SLO County Public Access

Anyone can go to Charter Cable and ask to produce a program. They will be guided through the process with classes on camera/studio equipment, editing equipment and software and given access to the Charter studio and equipment. When they have a program finished and know how often they plan to repeat the process they submit it to staff.

It takes an expert 10 hours to produce a half hour show -- hour shows take about 15 hours. We are talking expert here. No problems during the process. With different individuals using the equipment on a daily basis anything can complicate the production process and it usually does.

Once your show is ready to air, staff puts it on the Scheduling Committee's meeting agenda. The public access staff person reviews the tape and writes a summary for the group. Approval means a time slot is found and given to staff who will let you know when your show is going to air. You are then ready to re-create a new show for each month or more often if you wish. All shows must have a new program every 30 days unless special permission is granted.

The federally mandated public access provision is called PEG. A fee is attached to your cable bill which goes to the franchising agency -- city or county. These funds are called PEG funds. PEG funds are supposed to be used to assist the Public, Education and Government to create show for broadcast on cable channels. This is why there is an Educational Channel and the channel for City Council and Board of Supervisor meetings. The League of Women Voters is a big user of public access and they are often allowed to air their programs on all three channels.

In SLO CO. the County has a large fund which has built up from PEG fees paid by cable subscribers of the unincorporated areas over a number of years. They are going to divide the money equally between the Public, Education and Government entities. The Education and Government money will go to the Board of Education and the County. How to handle the Public money has not been decided. There is a Producer's Group made up of all the public access producers using Charter Cable Charter Channel 2. It is hoped the County Supervisors can be convinced this group will be able to distribute money in a fair manner without requiring a quasi-governemental or official 501-C Nonprofit qualification.